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Sanyo xacti E6 - a small "lifestyle" camera

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I always thought, that my next camera would be a dSLR.
But there is no real need for this heavy equipment up to now.
Even my FZ5 is sometimes too bulky to be carried around.

My wife needed a small "everyday" camera with the following specs:
- small size (cigarette box)
- big display (we will all be far sighted..)
- easy to use
- SD cards

The Sanyo xacti E6 fitted to our needs.
There were tests ranging from editors choice to "medium" quality.
Steve's test convinced me:
Test E6

- form factor
- non expanding lens
- robust metal housing
- price
- adjustable focus (1cm to infinty)
- auxiliary lens, eg. wide converters, can be handheld
- digiscoping is in reach
- video 640x480 30 frames/sec.
- starting with ISO 50
- lens protection
- excellent macro capabilities
- internal flash can be used for 1cm macros (diffused)
- a perfect camera for dentists
- good lens: Konica Minolta
- 3'' LCD can be used as a monitor for the FZ5 pictures too!
- 230.000 pixels lcd! (simply compare this to the "cheap" Panasonic items)
- LCD visble in bright sun!
- li-battery and ac-power supply/charger included (no AA costs!)
- 3 years guarantee
- fast prefocussing touch sensor
- 57.5* playback zoom, to judge sharpness
- USB 2.0
- 134g with battery and card

- no (very limited) control of aperture and time
- no image stabilization (newer xactis have electronic stabilization)
- longest exposure time 2sec.
- flash max. 2.4m (not so important for me)
- no remote control (this was a basic function over the last hundred years!)
....this means that have to design a wire release adapter again ;-(

Why did we not take a different Panasonic camera?
- you have to live with the same limitations through the whole product line.
- price and quality (metal housing!) were very attractive
- we are only loyal to brands with perfect after sales support (eg. firmware updates)

Here are some examples taken with this camera

Digiscoping? Why not! - just a first test!

We like this camera very much.

digiscoping - 2nd test
Revue 60mm/600mm Spectiv, with microscopic Zeiss eye piece
Xacti E6, F/4.0, t 1/100s, ISO61, focal length 18.9,
27.apr.2007, 21:54, two tripods

..and some impressions from my last trip to Berlin:

Some flowers:

Maples and leaves in spring:

Visiting a chalk pit: Laegerdorf

Zoo Neumuenster

..and some macros again:

Nautilus - a closer view:

Dew drops

This ends our little journey with the E6.

- Sanyo xacti E6
- ISO 50 (the best shots)
- -0.6 to -1.2 EV (often)
- filters: none
- neat image
- sharpening (not so much)

Is there a trick?

Sure, have the camera with you all the time:

Thanks for visiting my pages! Have a nice day - Sven

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