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Pictures and more

Welcome to my xacti pages
..there is an old xacti page:
...and a special page xacti/peacock feather:

You will see some examples taken with a hybrid camera.
This is a camera for dentists - they love the short distance between lens and (diffused) flash.
- teeth don't have red eyes -
I love the size and robustness of the camera and its amazing macro (at short distances though).

Today it is my favourite eye-to-eye mushroom camera.
Sanyo changed its policy, none of the new cameras can be compared to this gem!

Half of my pictures are still taken with the Xacti - it's always in my pocket!

Let's start with some new pictures first
(.. native E6 no additions ..)


..latest addtions..

pure Xacti E6, 1cm distance (fixed), but the fly was dead - not a big challenge

ok, but this robberfly was alive (..and not frozen!) - I was training slow motion

alive and busy 

mushroom fly agaric fly agaric       

...ok here are some small addititons:

titmouse    titmouse

(Xacti E6  60% crop)

Here are the thumbs leading to the categories:

Museum Molfsee  
A peacock feather   Leaves in spring   A chalk pit   Nautilus   Dew drops  
Berlin   Flowers   Digiscoping   Zoo   Bee  
Div. Macros   Ant   Leftover  
Some remarks  
The old xacti page  

I am starting with stills, just to show the achievable level of quality.
The image quality of the E6, E6U and E60 should be similar

There are only few pictures that needed accessories (eg. digiscoping).
The macros were taken (sorry borrowed from nature) at very close distances.
I am using these settings: -0.9EV, macro (or fixed distance).
...and very slow movements!

This is a strange kind of photography - without any control over aperture or time.
Well, I will try to do my best!
These are my first POTDs with the xacti:

If your pictures are better, please tell me how you did that!
...if your results are "different", you can at least see what can be done...

Anyway, please drop a line (email) if you use the E6,E60, Sxx too.
I would like to add references of other users.

Last be not least: My personal list of dreams for this tool.

- storing of the +-EV settings for further use
- remote control (IR)
- control of time and aperture
- setting for less onboard processing (sharpening)
- longer exposure times
- string tripod
- thread for filters

I have received some questions that I can't answer.
- where to get this camera?
It is out of production, the new E60 should be similar.
But Sanyo does not distribute all cameras throughout the world.
- Do the hybrid cameras C6 or C65 provide the same macros/picture function.
Most people using these cameras play around with the videos.
It is a tempting idea to shoot pictures and movies simultaneously.
I have not seen serious photos with these cameras.
If you find some, please mail me!
- Is there a posting community for xacti pictures?
I did not find one. There are some pictures on flickr.
The sanyo forum on stevesdigicam is not so much interested in pictures.
The test pictures of the manufacturer are quite "basic"
and don't show the full range for this type of cameras.

Thanks for those many mails!
Danke für die netten Bemerkungen!
... and special greetings to those nice people in Turkey and Indonesia!

SANYO® and XACTI® are trademarks of the SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.
... but just in case that a manufacturer would like me to test equipment, I would return some test shots for web presentations.

Thanks for visiting my pages! Have a nice day - Sven

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