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Addon lenses

Raynox DCR6600 (52mm)

This is my favourite wide converter: factor 0.66*
But this lens is vignetting if mounted on the onboard 55mm "thread"
There has to be some sanding of the thread, but some vignetting remains.
This is my solution to this problem:

The original 53mm to 52mm Raynox adapter is removed and replaced by a  series VII  - 55mm  adapter.
The remaining gap is filled with  veneer edging (ger.:Umleimer)tape.
You could try teflon tape too(plumbers use this kind of tape).
(thanks to fmoore, genece and shene for part of this solution)

And this is the range covered by my equipment:

15mm (35mm equiv.) a 0,42 wide converter (a bad one...)

24mm 0,66 raynox converter

36mm FZ5 solo
(please look at the power line in the middle, we get a closer view now!)


This was my personal test of some teleconverters.
I cropped one small detail of the shots to same size.
Disappointing result: there is not much gain of resolution with some converters.

FZ5 12* zoom:


Stacking lenses - I don't like it:


This is better: selfmade 10* converter
First tests - look at the moon pictures to see better results!

A second Test:
10000mm (35mm equiv.), the atmospheric conditions are limiting!
Quite an amazing range for such a small camera!

This is FZ5,  Olympus C-180,  14* zoom to avoid the heavy vignetting in the corners


Next example:FZ5, Olympus tcon14, 

The B-300, tcon17, tcon14b, ricoh lenses, nikon ED-lenses are better.
But it is fun to use such cheap and light lenses too.

Thanks for visiting my pages! Have a nice day - Sven

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