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Talking about the Resolution

A comparison of the resolutions of:

- cheap EVF - FZ5 electronic viewfinder
- cheap LCD - FZ5 liquid crystal display
- a better LCD - Sanyo xacti E6 display, similar to the resolution of the FZ8 and FZ30/50
- standard OVF - Nikon F301 optical viewfinder, 50mm prime lens
- "reality" - the scenary taken with my sanyon xacti E6

There could be some corrections on contrast and/or brightness, but this is not my point.
Pictures were taken with the Sanyo xacti E6 and a tripod.
The LCD were not completely shaded - there are reflections on the lower halves.
There had to be a screen protection on the lcd of the FZ5.
Reflections in real life will be much stronger though.
The pixelation was reduced to some extent by gaussian blurring.
Our impression looking through the evf is different (but there are not more pixels anyway)
Please use the large pictures to judge the resolution.
The smaller views are closer to our impression of the finders.

Motivation: It is very difficult to find the right focus with the FZ5 during macro shooting.
Please take the cartwheel on the white wall as a reference!
It is only visible as a shade in the EVF or on the LCD of the FZ5
I will start with SLR photography again and I wanted to see the difference.

- FZ5 evf:

- FZ5 lcd:

- Xacti E6 lcd:


- scenery (xacti E6):

This is the list of the technical specs.
Starting with the FZ8 and FZ50 there is a significant increase in resolution.
Modern cameras have the resolution of the xacti camera.
This is still far away from the SLRs viewfinders, but much better than my FZ5.

sanyo xacti e6
lcd 3 ' 230.000 pixel

lcd 1.8' 130.000 pixel
evf ??' 114.000 pixel
lcd 2.5' 114.000 pixel
evf 0.33' 114.000 pixel
lcd 2.5' 207.000 pixel
evf 0.44' 188.000 pixel

lcd 2.0' 130.000 pixel
evf 114.000 pixel
lcd 2.0' 230.000 pixel
evf 0.44' 230.000 pixel
lcd 2.0' 230.000 pixel
evf 0.44' 207.000 pixel

Screens with more than 200.000 pixels give us a much better hint of what we are shooting. This should help with focussing, but it is still a hard job.
These screens are still far from the resolution of a simple optical viewfinder. I am starting to miss the OVF more and more.
As mentioned on dpreviews forums, there many more criteria to judge our finders.
So don't take this resolution test alone.

Foggy part II

Blindfolded part I

Thanks to Erik e.a. for their critical remarks.


If you are irritated by the life pictures, please scale down one of your pictures to:

- 390 * 293 pixels to get the resolution of the FZ5 evf
- 553 * 415 pixels to get hint what the FZ8, FZ30, Fz50 might show...

...but don't be disappointed, this is what your finder could show.
In real life, the results are different.

- Xacti picture resized to 144000 pixel and expanded again:

- Xacti picture resized to 230000 pixel and expanded again:

The achievable resolution with optimal screens would not be that bad.
...but I could not see the cartwheel on the white wall in both screens!
There was only a dark shade!
Where are the tests of the FZ30, FZ50 and FZ8 screens??

A nice idea: taking the RDS (red dot sign - view finder)
The resolution is ok, there is even no blackout during shooting...
But where is the frame and the focus?

Thanks for visiting my pages! Have a nice day - Sven

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