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Baltic Amber

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Age of these insects: appr. 40 Million years!
I found some of these objects at the beach of Blavands Huk in Denmark.

These first pictures are combined shots of up to 100 pictures.
Layers of 25 pictures were combined by helicon focus to add some DOF.
The resulting 4 to 6 pictures were combined with a pano technique.
This was my only chance to get this resolution.

A comparison:
First a conventional picture.
Second a combined shot - 26 layers - helicon focus

25 layers:

single shot:


These pictures were taken with the Panasonic FZ5 and
some achromats, enlarging lenses and microscopic lenses.
Using three or more sources of light to let the amber "disappear".

This equipment was used for the closer eye shots.
Leitz/Leica from the head to the toes.
Ages: camera 1.5 years, microscope 100 years, amber 40 Million years.

- Microscope: found in a waste container
- Amber: found on the beach
- FZ5: I had to pay for it, sniff!

(I did not have the patience to wait until the FZ5 appears in the
waste container, on the beach or....... inside the amber)

The connector is an adjustable f-adapter, you can search for it
in the photosection at fleabay or elsewhere.

Special thanks to Dan - Dr. Danilo Kozub - for the evaluation copy of: helicon focus

Thanks for visiting my pages! Have a nice day - Sven

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