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My offical site is here:

Latest Changes and Additions

Learning to fly:

(this is not continous shooting - five jumps, five shots - the FZ5 can be quite fast!


Here is my new RSS feed: (if you want to keep in touch)
The entries will be added here..

Very close macros of a robberfly (appr. 2-4cm):



Im still working on improvements with my low budget macros.

There is enough resolution, I can see details in the compound eyes of ladybirds...

Here is a little photoshow:

 Four-spotted Chaser (Skimmer) - low budget version:

An additional diagramm shows the options for multiple flashes added to small cams:



Some thoughts and pictures dealing with optical, electronical viewfinders and LCDs with different resolutions.

eg. comparing my electronic viewfinder with an optical viewfinder:

..end of the current RSS..


I have left the track leading towards more expensive technique.
Having trained long enough with heavy SLRs, I prefer to use small cameras at the moment.
Even the FZ5 is too big in this case.
As Ken Rockwell and many others said: "It's not the camera...."
Having the "between-the-keys-camera" at hand all ths time is a lot of fun.
The results can be seen here:
...and here:
(This is a close macro without additional lenses)


My free account on died from "sudden free picture host disease"
They should have preserved the existing pictures, thread and blogs....
Anyway, all pictures were transferred to a new free host, who preserves the original names of the pictures


A macro studio in a box


Spiders get their own category


More and more: Mushrooms

Shipspotting, quite easy - thanks to the Kiel canal

Ships, first pictures

Mushrooms in winter, quite unusual in this region.

Mushrooms in winter


Winter - time to improve the technique.
Finally I decided to use external flashes and bouncing more often.
So I have to use my new sunpak (like the 383) and vivitar 283.
The vivitar needed a modification, as you can see here:

Some thoughts on flashes


A walk on the beach

All you need is gray


Amber again, but not my own....
Axel Niggeloh - Inklusen - takes fantastic shots of included animals
I had some space left on the websamba host, here is his slideshow:
Axel Nigelloh - amber

My favorite:
The amber page has a technical part now.
With a special focus on helicon software.

If you like panatools.
you should have a look at this project:
Scott Howard 1500MPixel Machu Pichu

I found two interesting links, these are added to the "Achromats" Page:
- You need control over the aperture - another reason, not to use the macro mode.
- So use aperture priority with f:8 (or less) or manual control. You will need the added DOF and sharpness.
- Small apertures help to correct aberrations too: Nikon 6T - aperture comparison
- So: Don't open the aperture to get less DOF! Images quality in the corner and the center part will degrade!
You have seen excellent results with cheap (single) lenses??
Your decision depends on the used type of camera!
J.Brosius (in german) has compared single lenses vs. achromats on :
- 3*zoom cameras eg. canon A80
- superzoom cameras eg. canon S2 (similar to FZ cameras)

These were his test:
- A80 vs. S2
- exposures with open and closed aperture
- full frame, crop middle, crop left corner

His conclusions are, that:
- Single lenses can be used with the small apertures of the A80 (Hama +2, +4 B+W +10)
- Bigger apertures (S2, FZ..) force us to use the better chromatic correction of achromats (Sigma +1,6)

The magnification is quite different with these cameras, but the results are impressive!
J.Brosius: A80-S2 single vs. achromatic lenses


Some examples on stacking of achromats added:



Minor changes to the structure of the Achromats Page
Trying to separate basic and advanced information



DIY Reflectors on the light page:



A study on funghi and light

I have added more pictures, so please look again.



Peacock - again


Same theme as slideshow


Some colourful mushrooms



A collection of ladybirds


A modular design, .css and ftp helps me to develop these pages
I am testing a frame design now, but some pictures are too big
Moving these pages to a different host reduces the advertizing
If you like the changes - or find some errors, please drop a line!
The peacock feather has it's own slideshow now:

Peacock feather

This is my first test with jalbum

Former changes and additions

Thanks for visiting my pages! Have a nice day - Sven

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