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My offical site is here:

Macro Studio

--- click the pictures to enlarge them in a separate window ----

I needed some macro practice for a toys project.....
So it was time to capture some of the things just lying around here:

I found this oyster when I was a child.
Normally this 70 million years old fossil is embedded in solid stones.
In this case both parts could be separated

We found this snail at the beaches of Lanzarote:

I had to pay for this nice sea urchin

.and now the toys story: SPUR N

My crocodile

With a little help of "helicon focus" (2 pictures)

This is one of my "TOOTH TOYS"
We got these parts after our visits at a cruel dentist
My parents hoped that we would be willing to visit that person again...

Next step: Using a DIY light tent with the macro box.
-four flashes-

-natural light-

light tent and 3 flashes

The toys story can start now:

A different perspective without the achromat.
Close macro at 1.9* zoom slightly cropped.
The DOF has to be similar, following this rule:
Depth of Field When Image Size is Constant

This helped:
- a leica lens
- my DIY macro studio in a box

- killing the onboard flash

- four bounced slave flashes, some are adjustable - like my vivitar 283: 8 steps

This modification is described here:

- this is a my modified Metz - a powerful and cheap slave:
There was enough space inside for the slave circuit

- minolta achromat No.2
- pneumatic remote release

Not so good:
- a camera without support for external flashes
But this turns out to be an advange: I can use f:8 and 1/2000!
This way the available light is reduced.
- no native remote controls
- my hot pixel

Thanks for visiting my pages! Have a nice day - Sven

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