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Funghi and Light, October 06

--- click the pictures to enlarge them in a separate window ----

A short trip to the dark woods.
This is a good opportunity for some studies with natural and flash light.
FZ5, no additional lenses needed

This is natural light, camera lying on the ground

There was sun light, but slightly out of track.
A golden reflector helped in this case
This is a selfmade part - ingredients:
- foldable sun shade for car windows
- the cloth is covered/replaced by silver/golden foil on both sides
(this foil is a part of the rescue pack in all cars here)

Low light alarm!
A first test: indirect onboard flash - bounce card.
The object is isolated. This looks like a night shot.

Second test: natural light - tripod

A combination: natural light with the assistance of the bounced flash

This "lamp" did not need any help - natural light again, tripod

some "leftovers"

more "leftovers"

..and the adult section again: the stinkhorn
the egg (can be eaten!)

sticky phase - propagation of spores by flies


beginning decay

This is the end, my friend the end....

Thanks for visiting my pages! Have a nice day - Sven

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