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Pure FZ5 - no tele converters -
Mcon40 achromat used for the goldcrest  - 1*zoom macro would have been too close!

All the birds sitting on the invisible feeder were photographed through glass, using a tripod.
The lens had an angle of 30 degrees towards the glass to avoid a reflection of the lens.
Covering the back of the camera with black cloth helped to reduce the remaining reflections to a tolerable minimum.
Shots were taken with a prefocussed camera at a distance of 70cm.
This is the minimum distance of the telemacro with the FZ5 at 12x zoom.
Telemacro mode was only used for focussing! The pictures were taken in aperture or manual mode at f:8.
The camera was released with a pneumatic remote control (7m long).

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