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More Macros

--- click the pictures to enlarge them in a separate window ----

These pictures were discussed on Steves Forum

Macro in natural light - first three pictures
A Bug with bounced and diffused onboard flash


Ants with diffused and bounced onboard flash, 50mm reversed lens = +20 diopter
...extremely small depth of field (DOF)

The second picture is a combination of three handheld shots, combined by helicon focus.
The shots covered consecutive layers of appr. 0,2mm depth.

you can see the data of these lenses here:



Getting closer: The eye of an aphid:

After seeing these pictures a friend gave me a macrorail!
My new equipment is much better now:
(the small part in the middle is the camera!)
  • - cheap tripod (weight)
  • - pneumatic release as a compensation
  • - I can use my lcd again !!!!!!
  • - macrorail (old east german production)
  • - flash diffusor (if needed)



    All these pictures were "taken" -somebody said borrowed - in my garden

    Thanks for visiting my pages! Have a nice day - Sven

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