Seemolf Panasonic DMC-FZ5, Sanyo Xacti VPC-E6, Canon A70, Nikon FM-2

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My offical site is here:

My moon project: FZ5 - 8* zoom 10* Teleconverter

these are full frame shots with the FZ5! --- click to enlarge in a separate window ----

Late phase of the total Lunar eclipse 3./4. March 2007:

Full moon (with a slight shadow) again

details of this picture (100%)

.. and this is Jupiter - 12* zoom, 18* teleconverter

These pictures were taken with my "tcon100"

My new toy is a relict of those ancient SLR days. I started to test my 1,8/50mm pentacon lens as reversed lens (covered in the square-cokin sun shade). - Very good results up to now! But looking at the moon, I had to attach my beroflex 8/500mm in front of this lens. 500/50 = 10* Converter. The wide aperture of the reversed lens is essential for this setup. The exact distance of the two lenses has to be tested. Extension tubes and extenders can be used. All this is cheap material, but the tripod has to be extremely good! There is little purple fringing which can be removed easily.

...and finally: Saturn April,14th,2007
taken with a Celestron telescope (reflector)and Kellner 1.25'' eyepiece
camera: Sanyo xacti E6 - the adjustment of the FZ5 was too difficult in this case!
f/4.0, t=1/2s, focal length 19mm, ISO 200

..and these are professional instruments:
The old and new radiotelescope in the Eiffel, Germany
Height and diameter: 100 m

Thanks for visiting my pages! Have a nice day - Sven

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