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This is my new permanent link:


Please look at the "changes" page for additions

May I invite you to a short journey. Starting in the macro world - ending close to microscopy:

Peacock feather

Thanks for the nice comments!


Pictures and more

You will find some pictures and technical information here.
Hope you like it!

After three long years with bridge cameras, I have returned to SLR technique.
Let's hope that this will improve my results (and not only empty my pockets...)

This show stopps at a certain point, all shots can be seen here (random):

Please press f11 to view the following pictures!

A close macro without additional lenses (Sanyo xacti E6)

Timeless - 8 seconds :

Aurora: (Klar: Mit dem Sonnenschein!)

lift off

The portrait of the "robber" (pure xacti 2cm distance!):

"Milking the cows":

Turning back time: (only 40 million years) - baltic amber

a momentary lapse of invisibility

Goldcrests after a long journey:


Der kleine Perlmutfalter beehrt meinen Garten:

Jardin de Cactus, Lanzarote:

Caldera el Golfo, Lanzarote:

the riddle of the sands, Lanzarote:

who's next, AIDA?, Lanzarote:

the eye of the tiger (crab), Lanzarote:


Gannet in flight:


oh these eyes....:

open door:

not fried in Kentucky!:

infinity, Molfsee:

white & white, Molfsee:

as time goes by, Molfsee:

polar-iced, Winterthur:

soap "bubble", Winterthur:

stormy days at the western coast, Westerland:

home by the sea:

snow in motion:

seals, Helgoland:

lynx, Neumuenster:

barbary ape, Neumuenster:

the apes next king, Neumuenster:

gimme shelter, Neumuenster:

hard to catch: the "blue" of the morpho:

diving into an orchid:

a ship without sails, Sylt:

Last orders,please - Hirtshals:

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... but just in case that any manufacturer would like me to test better equipments, I would return some test shots for web presentations.

Thanks for visiting my pages! Have a nice day - Sven

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